In the medical world, bladder is among the techniques of prostate surgery and timely intervention to prostate enlargement. Plasma Kinetics provides the most accurate techniques to eliminate the urinary tract obstruction and suppression problem that may occur against prostate enlargement. It is possible to obtain more effective results in the treatment of cases that do not turn into cancer in prostate disorders, which are generally called benign. In the medical world, a disease that is more common in men between the ages of 51 and 60, and in those aged 80 and over, this rate becomes stronger, can only be treated with such effective devices. Akyol medical company undertakes the affordable sales process that will enable the use of the plasma kinetic device in prostate surgeries applied with effective and closed techniques.

In today's conditions, it is possible to perform prostate surgeries with laser technique in a short time without pain, pain and open wounds, with plasma kinetic therapy. Since closed treatment techniques are applied, it becomes less possible for the individual to pose a risk to the body. In this way, it is possible for the patient to adapt to his daily life more quickly after the use of the plasma kinetic product applied in the treatment of prostate enlargement. After the operation process is completed, it is possible for the person to return to his daily life and be discharged within a maximum of 3 days, thanks to the use of an effective device. The plasma kinetic Tur-p technique offers the opportunity for advanced endoscopic imaging. During the operation, it is possible for the patient to complete the treatment without being exposed to electric current as bipolar. In addition to the practicality it offers, it is preferred because it is more beneficial to health and less costly than classical methods.

The role of technological devices in the treatment of diseases is quite large. It becomes possible to get through the process more painlessly, painlessly and without the formation of surgical scars. Plasma kinetic device can be easily used in the treatments to be applied to patients who are thought to have excessive fullness in the bladder region, which is generally noticed to have weakened urine flow, and who have difficulty in urinating at an advanced size. Our company, which has been providing medical consumable rental or sales service for more than 11 years in Ankara, continues to offer the appropriate device rental or purchase service that can be used in kidney diseases, ureter treatment techniques and prostate enlargement.