In today's technology, it is important to be able to identify the most accurate device for health problems and use it as a function. In kidney diseases, it is important to determine the most accurate technique in health problems related to the urinary canal and to start the right treatment process with this method. Akyol medical company offers the sale or rental service of medical consumables in order to offer the most accurate option in kidney surgeries. Rigid urs device can be purchased or rented under urs technology. It offers a practical system for easy access to the kidney area through the urinary canal.

Thanks to the Rigid Urs device, it becomes possible to reach the kidney stone area with the endoscopy method and to break the stones with the laser method and to clean them easily and purify the area. Urs technically means that a small or medium-sized kidney stone, which negatively affects the vital activities of the person and makes daily life difficult, compresses the urinary canal. During the treatment process to be applied, general anesthesia is applied to the Rigid Urs machine. Thanks to the technical device used after the operation, which takes about 20 minutes, the person can adapt to his new life immediately. He regains his health easily without any limitations in physical activities. Thanks to the device specially created for those who have suffered from kidney stones for many years, it becomes easier to intervene in the area with the camera system.

In order to access the Rigid Urs device designed in accordance with today's technology, you can contact our company, which actively offers its services in the Ankara region, in order to start the purchase or rental service. The device, which has a curved structure that can penetrate even the deepest point, also has a superior breaking power. Rigid Urs is used to break up the stone in the ureteral region. It is possible to intervene in the body without making any incisions. The stone in the kidney can be noticed and it becomes easier and more practical to reach the stone and start the crushing process thanks to the device. You can purchase an affordable Rigid Urs device by contacting our company, which offers medical product sales and rental services for specialist doctors who actively serve in private or public hospitals.