The biggest advantage in Holep surgery is the ease of completing the procedure without making any incisions on the body and without causing bleeding. The procedure is completed with closed techniques by contrasting the open surgery process. After this surgery, an effective efficiency of 95% can be obtained. Therefore, it does not require the patient to be operated again. The Holmium laser device sold by Akyol medical company can be purchased second hand. In critical surgeries, the rental process is completed with the help of authorized personnel without incurring additional costs.

Another reason why holmium laser surgery is preferred is that it is economical. The risk of damaging the tissues in the treated area is very low. After the treatment, the patient does not need a blood transfusion. Since the patient has a different health problem, he can receive this treatment despite the drugs he uses, but a doctor's examination is important beforehand. Between 24 hours and 48 hours, the patient can adapt to life again. After the surgery is completed, the catheter is withdrawn after one. This helps to eliminate the burning sensation during urination. The process is completed in a short time without affecting other nerve cells in the body. The risk of bleeding is low. It is suitable for all ages and is reliable. Before using the holmium laser device, it is important to read the instructions correctly and to perform the calibration process. Considering the course and severity of the disease, it is important to transfer the technical process correctly in the use of the device. All calibration procedures for the Holmium laser device to be purchased or rented through our medical company located in Ankara are provided by our authorized personnel team.

The use of Holmium laser device has a special breakthrough laser system. It can be thought of as a percussive system with sequential certain maneuvers. The wavelength differs in each device. It is used with an average of 1 micron excretion. It is more preferred in the treatment of stones in the kidney or urinary tract. Thanks to the adjustable pulse duration, the problem is eliminated without damaging the tissue with an effective approach. Apart from reusable ones, there are also disposable versions. It can be taken to the room at any time thanks to its easily portable suspension feature on any specially adjusted floor. It has practical use. Parameters can be read easily with graphic fields.