It is a necessary device for diagnosing prostate problems that are common in the community and for starting the treatment process after diagnosis. Thanks to this device, it has a standard system used to more easily detect prostate cases that are known as benign and begin to occur after advanced age. An advanced technology has been used to create the system and make it functional in daily life. It offers a very effective treatment method. During the treatment process, the problematic area can be viewed through a liquid in the endoscope. With the help of a small pouch with an instrument with a light on it, the tissue causing the problem is taken out.

The important thing in the treatment process is that the Plasma Kinetic Tur-p technique can be applied to the person with electricity. Alfa PLA 800 plasma kinetic device is a plasma kinetic energy application where the energy flow between devices is felt higher. Its bipolar structure ensures that electric current can be applied to the area without passing to the patient, apart from the classical treatment process. It is an up-to-date technique suitable for today's systematics. The sales service offered by Akyol Medikal, the washing liquid used with the help of a special physiological serum, is cheaper than the classical methods.

In order to access the Alfa PLA 800 Plasma Kinetic device offered by our company and complete the purchase, you can contact the personnel via the communication line in a short time. You can also contact us from the Ankara region for maintenance and repair operations or rental medical device service after the purchase process.