Unlike the classical Tur-p service, Alfa PLA 600 plasma kinetics offers a more advanced and controllable treatment process. The advantages are quite high. The reason for this is that it has an easy systematic structure. Its reliability is due to the fact that it offers a more effective and controlled treatment process, especially in patients with heart disease. Those who live with a pacemaker and those with severe disease can be treated more reliably in this process.

When the treatment process is started, it provides a better quality treatment in the removal and cleaning of the benign prostate detected in the person. There are fewer complications when the procedure is complete. While the process is in progress, the pouching stages can be presented more effectively. This leads to less bleeding.

Physiological washing plaster is used in serum technique. This, unlike the classical method, eliminates the liquid-induced poisoning of the person. It is both a healthy and reliable technique.

It offers an effective treatment method in cases of large volume prostate. You can access the Alfa PLA 600 plasma kinetic device by examining our in-site categories in detail in order to prevent urological disease, which is frequently seen in middle-aged men, and to accelerate the treatment process at the initial level. Within the scope of the service you have provided by Akyol Medical, you can start the purchasing process at affordable prices by communicating with experienced personnel. You can continue to contact us from the Ankara region for maintenance, repair and spare parts service that may occur after the purchasing process is completed.