The nephroscope instrument includes techniques applied to adults during the pediatric treatment process. It is aimed to facilitate the initiation of an effective treatment process for each patient by being produced in different millimeters. The Nephroscope tool to be used offers an effective design that will facilitate the removal of kidney stones, which are more settled in the body and cause problems, from the area today. Akyol Medical offers affordable and practical Nephroscopy instrument purchase and rental service. This specially designed small tool performs your service more practically and functionally. Thanks to the endoscopy device called nephroscope, the formation of kidney stones can be diagnosed. Regardless of the narrowness in the kidney canal, the treatment process is started. Finding and determining the most accurate technique is possible with the right techniques to be offered by physicians who are experts in this field. Having access to devices suitable for today's technology will make the treatment service easier.

A small incision is made for the thin tube area used in the design of the nephroscope instrument, and it is inserted into the tissue. Thanks to a special light source, it becomes easy to intervene by penetrating the area. The important thing is that the stone in the kidney is completely cleaned by laser treatment or ultrasound techniques. After the stone is crushed, it is pulled into the channel and the area is completely cleaned. While using the nephroscopy device, the important thing here is to reach the area without damaging the organs. Correct diagnosis is very important here. It is aimed to remove the stone stuck in the kidney area or urinary tract from the area, so that the patient can regain his health. An effective treatment process is offered by using the endoscope or laparoscope technique for any problem that occurs in the urinary system during the surgical treatment process.

The Nefeskop device, which is used in the treatment of kidney stones, also plays an active role in cleaning the tumor or cyst formed in the area. We are a company that continues its efforts to supply nephroscopy devices within the scope of the health service we actively offer in the Ankara region. We facilitate the device purchasing process by private hospitals, doctors or health clinics so that the surgery can be performed more easily with closed techniques and painless during the disease process. In order to have general information about the price of nephroscope, you can contact us using the effective communication line of our company.