By making health services easier and more convenient, it is important to be able to treat people using the most accurate technique in all areas of existence. Each health equipment sold by medical companies and sometimes offered to be rented offers the best quality and safe option when applied to the patient with the right staff team. Akyol medical company creates a special service area for purchasing or renting all kinds of medical devices for diseases. Of course, the maintenance of the rented devices also belongs to the company. Today, technically, purchasing a medical device can become costly for surgeries that will be performed in a few hours. In particular, purchasing a device that will lose its compatibility with technology after a while causes financial loss.

Akyol Medical Company provides high quality and long-lasting medical device sales and rental services. It offers the opportunity to purchase the right quality product so that the most accurate device can be used for cases in urological treatments, kidney stone or prostate surgeries. Among the product groups offered for sale by Akyol medical company, special inspection services, Holmium laser system, Rigid Urs or Flexible Urs device, Urological stone crushing equipment rental service, Plasma kinetic purchase or rental service, Working element, Forceps and Optical lens product sales. is performing.

Our company, located in the province of Ankara, is a pioneer in this sector and continues to offer its services actively for 11 years. We are a company that continues its maintenance and repair services even after the rental and purchasing services, with an experienced staff that combines quality products with the customer. We support you at any time for technical problems and calibration processes of the device. In our activities, which we started with a focus on customer satisfaction, we sell all systematic consumables in the medical field. Thanks to Akyol Medical's second-hand supply opportunity, you can benefit from our second-hand device products, which are in compliance with today's standards, whose controls have been completed.