They are devices used for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease that needs to be detected for the health system in the human body. Medical devices can also be defined as products that most accurately show more effective physical or mechanical routes to the area used by specifying the indication. Second-hand medical device purchase or medical device rental service is offered by Akyol medical company to all customers who request it in this field. This service, which our company provides within the scope of its effective working principle, makes it easy to access affordable and budget-supporting medical device products.

Our company, which provides the rental service of the medical device that your patient needs, continues to offer its services actively in the Ankara region. As soon as you decide on the right option, you can contact our company and request the most suitable device for the problem you are experiencing. After the rental service provided by our company, our experienced technical staff also offers a guarantee to meet your needs for the problem you have experienced. The support we provided before the rental service continues to be provided after the rental service. Our experienced staff team also provides the most accurate and on-site technical support service in order to eliminate any problems you may experience during this process.

The necessary calibrations for the medical device product sold or rented by our company are sent to you at regular intervals, making it possible for the device to work in the most healthy background. Within the scope of rental or sale medical device support, Akyol medical company Holmium laser sales and spare parts service, second-hand or new product device supply, plasma kinetic, obstetrics device rental services. The product category we sell includes Holmium laser inspection systems, optical lenses, rigid flexible urs, working elements and forceps. As soon as you contact our company, we provide you with product rental or sales service at the right time. If you have a chronic bedridden patient, purchasing service can be a more convenient and natural process, and you can benefit from rental service at affordable prices in short-term surgeries.