With the principle of working devotedly, the medical device sales processes offered by Akyol medical company are also put into service as repair, maintenance and repair of devices. You can contact us for the repair of all medical devices for health equipment in the biomedical field. By adopting a professional system that keeps up with technology with a completely innovative approach, the products sold in the medical field are also maintained and repaired after the sales process. In this sense, the service offered is carried out by our personnel who have the necessary skills to renew the devices. Our qualified technicians in the field perform the maintenance and repair of your device at any time you request.

In the medical sector, it is important to regularly maintain the devices in accordance with the renewed technology. Especially in the health sector, regular repair of the devices used in active activity ensures that they can be used for a long time. The repair of devices used in the biomedical field by our company is quickly resolved with a workmanship that will allow you to save time in a short time. Our technicians primarily determine the characteristics of the medical device to be put into service. A preliminary examination is made for the technical problem experienced. After the necessary negotiations are completed, special equipment is available for the device to be renewed. Then, on-site repair service is applied so that the device can be renewed. When deemed necessary, the device is taken to the workshops and re-examined. It is possible to ensure that the device can operate reliably for many years after the operations are completed.

It is also possible to carry out maintenance and repair of your medical device in a clinical environment according to demand. As soon as you contact us, we come to the area you are in on the day and time determined upon your request 24/7 and start the renewal process of your device. Each of our personnel goes through a special training process in order to operate, maintain and repair the devices in this area. By demonstrating our difference in this field, we continue to maintain our quality in the service we provide from the Ankara region and its surrounding districts for many years. In the repair process of the biomedical device, we also provide services during the procurement phase. Equipment used in the clinical environment or laboratory has a certain electronic component. These need to be calibrated correctly. In order to prevent damage caused by electrical devices, a special safety test is required. This also ensures long-term use of the device.