Holmium laser device is a tool that will provide a solution to the problem of benign and malignant prostate enlargement with correct and on-site treatment techniques. The surgical process is performed with the closed surgical technique. Here, it is possible to reach the problematic area without making an incision in any part of the body, thanks to the device. The treatment process, which can be easily applied for mild or moderate complaints, includes techniques that are valid for those who complain with prostate enlargement and urinary tract infection disease. It offers a special device activity that will enable to minimize the risk situation that may occur during the operation process.

By using Holmium laser technology, the technological and innovative approach offered by laser technology can be utilized in urological surgical interventions. It offers the opportunity to be completely cleaned for the problem area within the prostate tissue. In the meantime, the important thing is to keep the comfort of the person at the highest level. Akyol medical company sells devices to specialist physicians who want to start the treatment process in private clinics or hospitals. You can start to benefit from the technology compatible Holmium device product, which is always provided with quality and regular maintenance, by using the communication line.

Holmium laser treatment also prevents bladder cancer from being prevented and carried to advanced stages. It also offers a laser technique that will prevent the tumor in the upper urinary region from progressing. The operation takes approximately 60 minutes. The area is anesthetized by means of anesthesia using the device. Then, in order to reach the tissue area, the laser and the capsule are separated from each other and left into the bladder. Then the problematic tissue is divided into pieces using a different device in this area. Finally, it is thrown out of the body by vacuum technique. This system used is preferred by specialist physicians as the best treatment technique in prostate surgeries. You can complete the purchase of a Holmium laser device by contacting the province of Ankara and its surrounding districts. After the treatment process is completed, it is possible for the patient to resume his vital activities the day after the surgery, as it is a procedure applied with a laser. All functions of the device offer high quality for the delicate surgical process. It is used in the field of urology to perform surgery in prostate enlargement and tumor detection.