Rental service is offered by many companies without the need to purchase the high-priced medical device product required in critical surgeries to be performed in hospitals. Renting or purchasing second-hand medical products, which is preferred today, continues to be a preferred method in many clinics, private hospitals and public hospitals. Akyol medical company, which sells medical supplies and offers technical support, provides all kinds of medical device rental services for the needs of the patient. Within the scope of our company, as well as the sale of devices, the maintenance, repair and additional parts services of the devices are also offered.

Each medical device rented by our company has a specific usage capacity. Devices may have a feature that will need to be calibrated. Our specially trained personnel are in the service in order to support the sales during this entire technical process. Delivery of the rented product to the desired location, passing the safety test due to the electrical nature of the device, and completing the calibration processes are among the services offered by our company. After the rental service is offered, the follow-up phase is started for certain periods. When there is a problem with the device, our experienced personnel resort to effective solutions. During the use of the second-hand device, necessary information is provided for the patient and their relatives.

Medical device rental service is provided not only to hospitals but also to people whose home care process continues effectively. After the device is rented, it can be contacted via the 24/7 active communication line. Everywhere where health is at the forefront, the quality of life is also supported by our company. We care about the patient's access to medical devices as much as the comfort of the patient in this process. In this sense, we share the knowledge and equipment we have with the equipment we sell and rent. As a medical company, we continue to offer our services in the Ankara region. You can contact the company communication line for the medical device you want to rent. After the appointment created for the appropriate time interval, your equipment can be delivered to your area. Within the scope of the rental service, you can request a rental request for Holmium Laser, Flexible Urs device and urological stone breaking equipment during the treatment process of urological diseases.