It creates the technical surgical process used in the treatment of diseases in the urinary system with innovative and up-to-date designs using plasma kinetic laser technique. It usually includes techniques used in the treatment of the urinary region, prostate surgeries or the removal of kidney stone problems. Thanks to the laser technique, there is no open wound formation or bleeding effect after the techniques to be used in the area. Akyol medical company plays a leading role in the sale or rental of materials to be used in the treatment of diseases in the field of health. The purchasing process of the affordable Plasma kinetic device to be used in critical surgeries can be completed in a short time with the help of company officials.

Among the Plasma Kinetic types used with the laser technique, the most prone is the Plasma Kinetic Tur-P treatment. It is an effective treatment technique used in benign prostate enlargement in today's standards. During its use, a washing liquid is injected into the endoscope. In this way, it becomes easier to see the problem area and to take a piece out of it. Unlike classical techniques, the study can be completed systematically without the electrical energy affecting the patient's body. This technique requires the application of a one-sided transaction. This is accomplished by systems called monopolar. Today, with the development of technology, a different, innovative and practical surgery process can be performed by using the Plasma kinetic Tur-p device.

Plasma Kinetic Tur-P is a more convenient and practical device for today's standards. Contrary to classical methods, it is used with the bipolar system. No electrical current passes through the patient's body. Physiological serum is preferred in the washing plaster. This will prevent the ingestion of toxic liquids into the patient's body without being aware of it. It includes a systematic that further reduces the cost in surgeries. Through our medical company, which actively operates in Ankara, you can start purchasing a plasma kinetic device, where current techniques can be applied. Rental service is also available upon request. Our competent staff also provides accurate information on the use of the device after the purchase process. When necessary, support is provided in operating and calibrating the device. You can contact us by using the active phone line of our company, and you can have more detailed information on the subject.