Holmium laser is a special technique used in the treatment of diseases in the urinary system. In addition to endoscopic methods, it is aimed that the patient can return to his daily life in a healthy way by using laparoscopic methods. The process is successfully terminated with a special device, which is used to eliminate the health problems that occur especially in the urinary tract or kidney system with effective treatments. Akyol medical company carries out the sales process of the Holmium laser device, which will support the healing of the disease, at affordable prices, supporting the treatment process. The device, which will accompany the practice of doctors surgically, eliminates the problem of ureteral stones that occur in the urinary tract and cause obstruction in the bladder.

In today's technology, removal of kidney stones from the problem area can be achieved with easier techniques. With closed endoscopic methods, Holmium laser treatment is completed in a short time without open wound formation and regional bleeding. It takes at most one day for the patient to adapt to life again. In the applied techniques, a special sound wave technique can be used according to the size of the stone. The narrowness in the canal and the treatment method to be used become more practical with laser techniques. Particularly, thanks to the Holmium laser, it is easier to separate large-diameter stones into small pieces. In this way, the process is completed without damaging the tissues in the area where the stone is located.

Holmium laser treatment, which is used to remove ureteral stones from the body, promises 95% accurate results. Researches see this level of success as the benefit of benefiting from today's technology. After the operation, the patient can stand up quickly. He can continue his business life by adapting to life. Surgical techniques used as a closed system, benign prostate enlargement is resolved in a short time with effective treatment techniques. The biggest advantage after this surgery, which is applied with general or local anesthesia technique, is that the technique can be used easily, regardless of the size of the responsible area. You can purchase a Holmium laser device, which offers an effective solution in prostate surgeries, through our medical company, which actively operates in Ankara. As soon as you contact us, our authorized personnel team will provide detailed information on the subject.