Working element device is generally considered as an auxiliary equipment used in urology surgeries in the category of medical products. The indispensable object of critical surgeries, Working element product can be used easily in accordance with today's technology thanks to its laser pulse feature. With its portable and easy-to-use structure, it can be purchased through Akyol medical company. The working element, also known as the working element, can be used as a stone breaking equipment in urology surgeries, as well as prostate surgeries. After purchasing or renting a product, spare parts are provided when necessary. It becomes easier for the patient to adapt to his new life more quickly.

The working element product is made of metal, a durable material. Depending on the product, it offers the convenience of being used for many years with its stainless steel structure and metallic hardware. Not only this, it makes it easier to get a more practical service during the surgery. It prevents direct contact of electric current that will harm the body, especially in prostate surgeries. It offers a more effective use opportunity compared to classical techniques. Providing a more effective area of use makes it easier to get fast and effective results in the treatment of the disease. It becomes easy to get a more moderate efficiency in a few hours of prostate surgery with auxiliary apparatus. You can reach the Working element product, which makes it easier to get a more effective result with its superior working principle in critical surgeries, from the province of Ankara and the surrounding districts, and you can benefit from the rental service.

The working element includes a special resection activated by the electrical system. Working element, also known as Radish working element, is also called Resectoscope. The millimetric calculations used in its special design offer a compatible case that can rotate up to 30 degrees with telescopic use. It provides a more effective usage area with its advanced configuration process adapted to today's technology. It is among the items that must be included in an effective urology surgery. You can contact our company for second-hand sales, repair, repair and maintenance activities of the Working element device, which has become an indispensable product in surgical operations.