Today, many companies are supplying devices that will support effective solutions in medical surgeries by making use of special health techniques. Akyol medical company creates a special opportunity area in terms of technical medical device sales and second-hand device supply. For an uninterrupted and sustainable surgical process in today's surgeries that require critical treatment processes, each of our devices is put on sale after being maintained and repaired. The products sold within Akyol Medical are offered to customers with the assurance of our company within the scope of warranty. The quality we offer, combined with our experience in this field for many years, takes its place among the services we offer, including the sale, repair, and modification of medical devices, the supply of consumables for medical products, the maintenance of examination devices, the maintenance of anesthesia devices and the supply of second-hand devices.

Within the scope of medical health services, Akyol carries out the sales process on Holmium laser techniques, Flexible Urs, Urological stone breaking equipment, Optical lenses, Plasma kinetic products, Forceps product range or Working element instruments. As medical technology is renewed, we renew the devices we offer in this field and sell products that can offer all kinds of convenience. Most of the products consist of devices that can be used in urological diseases, kidney stone and prostate surgeries. All these devices can be rented through our company when requested.

Akyol medical company, which is actively engaged in the sale of medical equipment products in the Ankara region, offers a comprehensive medical service with the sale of new products, the sale of new product spare parts, the supply of second-hand products, the rental of second-hand medical devices and technical service. We provide support before the maintenance and repair of all devices, during the sales process and after the sales process. Our effective staff has sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. We regularly improve ourselves in this area and offer fast and effective solutions for sudden problems that may occur in devices. You can interact with our company by using our communication line. You can request a medical device rental or purchase service that can be used in the clinic or hospital environment.