Today, access to medical devices in the healthcare industry is becoming easier and effortless. The maintenance and repair processes of medical devices to be purchased privately through companies can also be offered by the company. In the process of purchasing new or second-hand devices, a high quality and efficient result can be obtained in surgeries. Flexible Urs, which is among the medical products sold within our Akyol medical company, is an instrument that offers an effective and authorized solution in the surgical process. During the procedure, the person is primarily anesthetized. Urs surgery is usually applied to people with kidney stone disease. By taking advantage of the benefits of technology in the process, a more comfortable treatment process is offered without causing large bloodless wounds.

After the Flexible Urs surgery, the person can return to his vital activities in a short time. The surgery can take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. In kidney stone surgeries to be performed using the Flexible Urs device, it is ensured that the stone in the region is broken down by laser by entering the urinary canal with the help of a hose. The most important advantage of this technique is to perform the surgery without making any incisions in the body, without causing a wound and without the risk of bleeding. Since it is an effective treatment method, the rapid adaptation to life encountered in all kinds of laser techniques also takes place during this operation. Flexible Urs surgery can vary depending on the diameter of the kidney stone in the body. The process is completed by applying a general surgical anesthesia technique. In order to prevent the pain of the person after the surgery, a certain probe can be left in the kidney area. After about 5 hours, it is taken back from this area.

The word flexible means bending and twisting in medical language. It is the name of the device that will enable the stone formed in the kidney area to be removed from the area, which grows to block the urinary tract after a while. It is used in the treatment of ureter and kidney stones. It has a flexible structure. You can get detailed information about the price of Flexible Urs through our medical company, which actively offers medical equipment sales and rental services in the Ankara region. When requested by specialist doctors for surgical interventions to be performed in clinics and operating rooms, the device is delivered as soon as it is contacted.