Today, modern medicine continues to complete its evolution with a development that will support treatment systems. Every year, a new discovery is made in the health sector and it brings up effective treatment techniques in medical surgery processes. These techniques enable human health to be more convenient and the surgical processes to be carried out more easily and quickly. In today's modern age, one of the biggest diseases that limit the vital activities of people is the kidney stone problem. By combining with today's technology, a new and more sustainable technical field is being transitioned. Stone breaking techniques also develop further in this direction and support the health sector.

Akyol medical company sells special devices that can be used with electro shock waves applied outside the body and ESWL technique. ESWL device, which offers great competence in order to get the most effective result for the problem area reliably, is offered by our company within the scope of a respected and affordable sales policy. ESWL, which is one of today's stone breaking techniques, allows the stone to be broken without making any incisions on the body and without creating an open wound with shock waves. It is important here not to damage the tissues. Shock therapy applied externally allows the growing stone, which causes problems locally, to turn into a grain of sand and to be excreted through the urinary tract. They perform a risk-free and comfortable operation without the need for high surgical intervention.

The stone breaking techniques applied today are very effective and efficient. There is no need to do a surgical operation. After the treatment process, which will take place within a few hours, is completed, the patient can stand up and continue his vital activities. There is no visible wound formation on the body. Practicality during the recovery period and the harmless and undamaged application are also among the factors that are preferred.

Among the modern stone breaking techniques, besides the intervention using the ESWL stone crushing unit, treatment can also be performed with Flexible ureteroscopy devices. The ESWL technique is based on the fragmentation of the stone in the region with the shock wave. In the flexible technique, stone breaking treatment is mostly applied with laser. Both treatment methods to be applied to the ureteral area offer a performance that will support the person to stand up in a short time. We are pleased to offer you the most accurate and reliable service with the stone crushing equipment we offer in and around Ankara Region. Special stone crushing equipment, which will be the solution of all kinds of treatment for kidney stones, bladder and prostate problems that may occur in the kidney area, is put into service by our company.