This method is one of the groundbreaking methods in interventions for kidney stones. Thanks to the Flexible Urs, which allows reaching and destroying the stone in a short time by entering special channels, surgeries can be performed more quickly and easily. Thanks to this device, which has a fiber optic aid, it is possible to reach the stone from the urinary canal. With this method, the patient's complaints such as pain and bleeding are minimized by this method. While intervening with the method, the way of intervention changes according to the size of the stone. Small stones can be removed directly. However, larger stones need to be broken. The stones that crumble inside can be removed in small pieces by this method.
Flexible Urs Advantages
The biggest advantage that can be obtained with the flexible Urs method is the removal of large stones. Large stones can be removed with this method by breaking them into very small pieces. Intervention is easier than other methods. The absence of any cuts is another advantage. In this method, the intervention can be completed without the need for incisions. In addition, since there is no incision, the patient's recovery and discharge is fast. In general, patients spend the evening of the day they have surgery at home. It is worth noting that this device is not found in many hospitals. Our company, which is the supplier of this device, offers professional support for you to have this product in your hospital. You can also stay with our company in order to bring a new treatment to your treatment methods and to perform more professional interventions.