URS, in the most general terms, is the method used for the removal of stones in the urinary tract. With this method, very large stones can be made small and thrown out through the urinary tract. In addition, stones can be directly taken out in small pieces by the collection method. Thanks to this device, which has a camera at the end, it becomes easier to observe and intervene. URS can be in 2 different ways. One of them is called flexible and the other is rigid urs. Rigid Urs has a non-curving structure that does not take any angles. Therefore, it is not used in interventions at angled points. However, it has an effective breaking power. Therefore, it can be preferred. Deep points can be reached with the rigid urs device.
We Provide Rigid Urs
With these devices, which are available in many hospitals, patients can be intervened in a short time. After the application of local and general anesthesia, the procedure can be started. Our company supplies the highest quality devices in this field. If you need Rigid Urs and you want to use this device in your hospital, you can get a price from our company. The maintenance and repair of the devices are also carried out by our company. You can also contact us to get more details and to get support from our company. You can supply rigid urs and add this device to your treatment methods. There are many different brands and models of the device. The best quality ones are offered to you by our company.