Plasma Kinetic is a method used in prostate surgeries. With this surgery, the patient's prostate enlargement is prevented. In addition, it is ensured that the ailment is completely eliminated. In cases where laser method is not preferred, plasma kinetic method is preferred. The device of this special method also allows intervention to the patient with some special methods. First of all, it can be stated that this device is bipolar. In other words, the electric current does not pass through the patient. There are 2 ends of the device being used. Electric current passes through these points. This does not allow any electrical current to pass to the patient. Another important difference is that electrical energy is not used. In these methods, plasma kinetic energy is used. This makes intervention easier.
Advantages of Plasma Kinetic Technology
Many advantages can be achieved with this technology. The most basic of these is the electric current state mentioned. No current will flow through the patient. Another important advantage is the liquid used as the demolition liquid. Here, the use of serum is sufficient. In addition, the costs are also greatly reduced by plasma kinetics. Plasma kinetic technology is much more advantageous for those with heart disease. It gives confidence. The current flowing through the body causes problems, especially in patients with a pacemaker. However, there is no such problem with plasma kinetics. As Akyol Medikal, we supply these devices. We provide services such as sales, after-sales support and service. You can get more detailed information by calling our company.