With the development of the medical sector, there have been serious changes in the devices used in hospitals. Due to increasing diseases, new devices and new technologies are being developed day by day. One of these special technologies is the Holmium Laser. Holmium lasers are used in prostate disease, which has become a serious problem today. This device, which facilitates the process of prostate surgery with a special method, is available in many hospitals. As Akyol Medikal, we carry out the supply and sales of these products. You can procure these products from our company, and you can use guaranteed and quality products for many years.
What is Holmium Laser? How does it work?
This device, which has a pulsed laser feature, is frequently preferred in endoscopic operations. The wavelength is expressed as 2.1 microns. It can pass through optical fibers very easily. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable parts of endoscopy. When used at low power values, it is generally preferred for surgical interventions such as stone breaking. At higher power values, it is used in prostate and tumor treatments. The weight of these devices, which are very sensitive, is also quite high. Thanks to the procedure it performs, the holmium laser, which enables patients to overcome the processes more easily, allows the patient to go home even in the evening after the stone breaking operation. Our company is a domestic and well-established medical company that provides services in the medical field and supplies all kinds of medical devices. In this sense, the supply, maintenance and repair of the Holmium laser devices you need can be done by our company. You can get this device by getting support from us.