Today, the number of companies providing services to the medical sector is increasing. Medical companies, which undertake the sale of inverters for all kinds of endoscopic surgeries that doctors may need in hospitals or private clinics, offer their active activities in order to do their job with the most healthy and affordable policy. Akyol Medical Company, which is among these companies and offers product sales, maintenance and repair services in the province of Ankara, ensures that the medical supplies used in the most difficult surgeries are delivered to you. In order for the product to be sold in a healthy way, the calibration processes, maintenance and their operations of the medically used devices are provided with a completely legal and high quality infrastructure with the certificates we have.

Akyol medical company has been serving in this sector for 11 years and continues to offer its customers their experiences. Thanks to the experienced staff in its staff, maintenance and repair services of the purchased device are also provided. It is among the quality and solution-oriented service groups that offer not only purchasing but also rental services. It provides the opportunity to reach second-hand or new products in the technical service of medical device products related to laser techniques. Moreover, in case of any malfunction, it also provides repair and repair services.

Instead of paying high prices for an operation that will take a few hours in today's standards, it is easier to access the product second hand or for rent. Thanks to the medical device rental service of Akyol medical company, a service that can be used for an operation that will last for a few hours is compatible with the technology, all maintenance is done and the calibration option is fixed by the support staff. You can reach us for purchase or rental service, or you can benefit from our device spare parts service. We support you to complete the process with budget-friendly prices in the sales process of products that will make you stand out more in the sector with a focus on quality. You can contact us by using our communication line to start the rental or sales process. Among the product groups that you can benefit from through our medical company are: Working Elements, Plasma Kinetics, Holmium Laser, Types of Forceps, Urological Stone Crushing Equipment, Optical Lenses, Rigid/Flexible Urs.