The nephroscope device enables physicians in the health sector to remove all kinds of large and small parts of kidney stones that cause pain and aches in the body. It is also called Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy or PNCL. Although the nephroscope is a very portable, easily portable instrument, there is a thin tube area inside. After an incision is made in the problem area, it is placed in the tissue area. It offers the superior performance needed in open surgical operations. It separates the stone formation in the problematic area for the application area. Then it is supported with special grippers through the channel so that it can be thrown out with the help of the opened channels.

Akyol Medikal company directs the maintenance, repair and sales processes of the nephroscope device, which has an important place in the health sector. According to the demand, the most suitable nephroscope product that can be used by doctors working in private clinics, practices or hospitals can be purchased. The breathoscopy method used in the treatment of kidney stones also supports the removal of tumors in the kidney area. A special stent is placed in the area. It is ensured that the foreign body that causes unrest in the region is removed and cleaned. Kidney cyst formation is one of the classical applications that can be observed. It treats this formation with the effect of reducing the congestion in the area by providing its definitive removal.

A traditional Nephroscope instrument offers a dedicated light source, telescope, or a dedicated channel area that provides the irrigation system. In the target, the kidney is asked to be cleaned of stones and broken down. The nephroscope device will use a special ultrasound instrument or laser probe to do this. In order to have information about the price of the nephroscope and to speed up the purchasing service, you can start to benefit from our service, which you can reach from the province of Ankara and its surrounding regions. It will be sufficient to contact us using our active communication line.

Kidney stone removal surgery, which will be performed using a nephroscopy instrument, ensures that the stone larger than 3 centimeters and has become complex is removed from the area. An incision of at least 1 cm is created in the area where the application will be made. The patient's recovery by completing the treatment process varies between 1 and 3 days. The functionality of the nephroscope device supports the removal of kidney stones in a short time, even in obese individuals with a weight structure other than the standard. These tools, which have special tips, can also be enlarged with expansion sleeves. It also offers the opportunity to view up to 30 degrees depending on the shape of the tool used.