By using plasma kinetic products, the treatment process for prostate surgery can be provided with an accurate and effective system. It ensures that the bad or benign tissue that causes pain and suffering, which negatively affects the daily life of the person, can be purified from the area. Plasma kinetic products used in endoscopic methods offer an effective solution method in prostate surgeries that are more noticeable in advancing ages. Plasmakinetic, which is mostly used in closed operating systems, supports a painless and painless surgery process. The plasma kinetic product, which can be preferred as a purchase or rental service by Akyol Medikal, meets its buyer with two different types. The Alfa PLA plasma kinetic device can be purchased with models 600 and 800.

Among the Plasma kinetic types used in urology surgeries, the damaged tissue is purified from the area with the technique called Tur-p. The plasma kinetic method is more preferred in urology surgeries because it is a technique that is suitable for today's technology. It is an effective method used with a closed surgery system to ensure that small or medium-sized stones formed in the kidney area can be cleaned from the area. Complications frequently seen in people who will have surgery are less. Bleeding that may occur in the area is less noticeable compared to classical techniques. The removal of a very large prostate in the area becomes more effective only with this technique. It can be seen as a reliable treatment technique for those with heart disease and those who have recently started using a pacemaker.

The use of a plasma kinetic device is a device that has adapted to the present more quickly than old and classical techniques. Renovated and updated. In this respect, it will offer a more effective solution to intervene in the region. It is used in systems called bipolar. Since the patient's body does not have a direct energy flow, it enables the patient to adapt to daily life faster. While the washing plaster used in classical techniques creates an effect that can poison the body, the plasma kinetic product is presented to the person using physiological serum. It costs less. In this respect, the frequency of preference also increases. We offer medical device rental and sales service in a visible area that can be accessed from the surrounding districts in the Ankara region. You can contact us in order to have information about the plasma kinetic product range of Akyol medical company, and to benefit from the ease of maintenance and repair after purchase or rental service.