By using flexible Urs surgery fiber optic auxiliary materials, it is ensured that the stone formed for the urinary tract can be removed from the region. It supports the treatment of diseases in the ureteral region and the patient's ability to adapt to life by regaining his health in a short time. High efficiency has been achieved in surgeries performed using flexible technology. It enables it to clear the medium or large size stone that reaches the kidney over time, which causes obstruction of the urinary tract. Akyol Medikal company offers the rental or purchase service of Flexible Urs device that will prevent the formation of all kinds of stones that block the bladder in the ureteral region.

It enables professional disintegration of millimetric stones of different sizes in the kidney and bladder region, which affects the flow of daily life. The stones in the urinary canal are removed and completely crushed and poured from the kidney. In surgeries to be performed using the Flexible Urs method, it is ensured that the stone formed in the kidney can be broken. This method, which is preferred in harmony with technology, continues to be applied in our country for more than 15 years. The application performed here is a technique that is carried out by providing closed techniques to reach the kidney through the urinary tract without harming the general tissue integrity of the body. It enables the stone in the kidney area to be powdered by laser technique.

It is a painless and painless procedure with the support of the device that is delivered from the bladder area to the kidney. No incision is made on the patient during the application. Access to the kidney is provided through the urethra, also called the urethra. After transitioning to the area with the help of a thin wire, a sheath called Access Sheet is placed in this area. Then the Flexible Urs device is delivered to the kidney. The location of the stone is determined by using imaging systems at the end of the device. The process is continued until the stone is broken in the area and becomes a grain of sand. By contacting our company from the Ankara region and its surrounding districts, you can have information about the price of Flexible Urs, and request the rental or purchase service of the device. After the service to be received, the maintenance and repair service of the device is also supported by the competent personnel of our company. When deemed necessary, the supply of spare parts is conveyed to the person by preserving the original form.