Developments in today's medicine make a great contribution to the serious surgeries and operations to be applied to human health. Forward-looking ultrasound techniques meet with laser technology, helping to prevent material and moral losses. The nephroscopy technique is a device that provides the disintegration process using the laser method for the targeted kidney stone. It is preferred because it is compatible with today's technology, promises a smooth operation process and supports the person to complete the process in a more comfortable environment. You can contact our company for purchasing or renting a Nephroscope device sold through Akyol medical company. After the cyst is opened in the 1-centimeter region extending from the dorsal area into the kidney, it is transmitted to the region with a camera system. It is a systematic element used to eliminate swelling and blockage in the kidney. Thanks to the nephroscope system, the obstruction in the kidney and urinary canal can be removed without damaging the organ in any way.

With the help of a thin tube, flow is provided with a bag outside the urinary canal. The kidney feels more comfortable here and its swelling is reduced. After the operation, which takes about 20 minutes, the patient can stand up in a short time. Home treatment continues. The catheter may need to remain in the area for a while. This period can vary from 3 weeks to a month, depending on the person's recovery time. When the nephroscopy method is used, a common use process is started with the portable x-ray devices used in the operating rooms. The goal is to clear the stones in the patient's body. Depending on the size of the stone, the duration of the process varies, and it takes a maximum of 2 hours.

Our branch located in Ankara region by Akyol medical company creates an opportunity area for Nephroscopy device purchasing processes to be carried out more easily during the operation process. This device, which will be preferred by doctors in clinics, private hospitals or public hospitals, is a technological device used for removing kidney stones and relieving the area. Being adaptable to today's technology rather than traditional techniques, it also enables the fragmentation of the stone in the region with the laser technique. It not only allows for kidney stone but also to intervene in the problematic area of ​​the removal of the tumor in this region. Cyst formation and removal of congestion are also successfully carried out. In order to get a more effective treatment result with the nephroscope technique and to make the patient feel better, it can be purchased individually or as a set. The nephroscope instrument, with its tips of different sizes, makes it effective for obese patients. The standard millimeter size has been further increased.