Holmium laser device is a surgical technique used in prostate surgeries. After the operation process is completed, it allows the patient to adapt to life more quickly. Pain, ache and burning sensation that can be caused by classical techniques are not seen in laser treatment applications using Holep technique. Bleeding is not noticed because the incision is not made. The immune system will become stronger in a short time and the time to return to daily life will decrease. Thanks to the Holep technique, the removal of benign or malignant tissue formed in the urinary area is provided by laser technique. Akyol Medikal offers its services to purchase or rent a Holmium laser device compatible with today's technology so that it can be used in surgeries to be performed in this area.

The operations to be performed using the HoleP technique can be supported by the closed operation process. Unlike other classical methods, the reasons why it is more preferred today are due to the fact that the risk of bleeding is less and the risk of recurrence of the disease is very low. When the treatment process is completed with the technique that provides more precise results, it becomes easier for the patient to adapt to life more quickly. In the Holep technique, there is no need to open an incision in order to remove the prostate tissue from the region regardless of its size. In this respect, it is considered as an alternative technique.

After the patient's treatment process is completed, there is no possibility of any adverse events related to reproduction. Even those who use blood thinners can easily have this surgery. In order to benefit from the affordable Holmium laser device purchase or rental service, you can contact our company, which can be reached from the Ankara region and the surrounding districts. In endoscopic treatments, it also ensures that the malignant and cancerous tissue that has started to form in the bladder region is removed from the region before it goes to the next stage. After a successful operation, regardless of the size of the tumorous structure that started to form in the upper urinary system, the area is cleared using the Holmium laser technique. The holmium laser usage area is mostly evaluated for stone breaking in urology at low doses, while it can be used in advanced or incipient tumor or prostate enlargement surgery at high levels.