Holmium Laser treatment is a special device used in benign prostate enlargements. Another name is called the HoLEP device. It is used in the treatment of prostate surgery. In particular, it supports getting a more effective response in the evolution process of patients at risk of bladder cancer. It offers a special laser technology that allows systematic tumors formed in the upper urinary area to be purified from the area. After examining the area with the Holmium Laser product, it allows the prostate tissue detected as benign or malignant to be crushed into small pieces and removed from the area. The goal here is to break up the large lobes and throw them into the bladder area. While the process is continuing, the tissue fragmentation is thrown out of the body by a tool called a morcellator. The important thing here is that a physician who is an expert in his field is actively working in the process.

Although the tool used in the procedure is of high quality and reliable, it should be applied by a professional physician. The costs of the surgery vary depending on the weight of the part formed in the region. General anesthesia technique is used during the surgery. During the operation, the body is anesthetized with the general Holmium Laser anesthesia technique or the operation process is started by anesthetizing only the lower part of the body. A treatment method is offered with a camera system. Prostate tissue, which grows over time, is detected by entering the region through the urinary canal, and it is carefully separated from the region by laser method using the device and thrown into the bladder region. Then it is taken out of the body by vacuuming with a different instrument.

Holmium Laser treatment techniques can take more than an hour. After the surgery is completed, the person can return to his daily life in a short time. The device is highly advanced and efficient. It is a treatment performed without any restriction on prostate size. Akyol medical company sells Holmium Laser product, which can be used in benign or malignant prostate surgeries in ureter surgery treatments, at affordable prices. You can get more detailed information on the subject in the process by contacting the company via phone numbers from the Ankara region.