Steel corset is one of the supportive medical products used for the treatment of physical ailments in the lumbar region. Corsets can help reduce pain to a minimum by reducing the pressure on the discs in the region called the lumbar. Due to the presence of steel underwires, fabrics that do not sweat are selected in their production. It also helps to protect the lower back discomfort, hernia, or lower back. Steel corsets can be produced in many models, colors and sizes in our country.
Can a Steel Corset Be Worn While Going To Sleep At Night?
Steel corsets are medical materials that need to be worn on a daily basis. It should be used stably in working situations, sitting or walking during the day. Unless there is an exceptional situation, it is recommended to remove the steel corsets at night, except on the advice of a doctor.
Among the uses of steel corsets, the usage patterns may vary depending on the ailments of the people. However, it may be best to use it according to the instructions of any doctor.
How to Attach a Steel Corset?
Steel corsets are medical products that are generally produced without a body. Thanks to the velcro straps, it can be used in a way suitable for every body. During the wearing of corsets, it is necessary to stand in a standing or upright position. The sponges of the corsets that provide support to the waist should be seated in a way that fills the waist gaps, and the velcro parts should be wrapped around the waist and combined within the front of the people. Support should be provided to the waist by grasping it in a way that there is no gap in its use.
In case of discomfort during the day, it should be removed at intervals and rested, and then it should be put back on. You should not break the form by folding the corset models that can be removed by wearing alone. After use, it should be put aside and folded in the right form for the next use.
How many hours a day should steel corsets be worn?
The answer to the question of how many hours a day should be worn steel corsets varies from person to person. However, we can say that it should be worn between 6 and 12 hours on average for regular use. In general, it should be removed for sleeping at night.
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