CPAP, or Contnous Positive Airway Pressure, is a device that delivers compressed air to the airway of patients. In this way, the collapse of the muscles in the patient's airway is prevented. This device is vital for many patients. At this point, patients are constantly researching and purchasing this device. But not every patient has a high budget. That's why SGK payment is one of the most curious subjects. In this context, the CPAP device frequently investigates how much SGK payment is in 2022. SGK updated the price paid for this device in 2022. For this reason, the 2022 coat of arms is being made.

How Much of CPAP Devices Are Covered by SSI?
CPAP device SGK payment 2022 research is done frequently as we mentioned above. People are wondering how much of this device is paid by SGK. At this point, there are two types of CPAP devices. While one is a normal CPAP device, the other is an auto CPAP device that is a bit more luxurious and easy to use. SGK makes different payments for these two products. At this point, he pays 1,049,76 TL for the normal CPAP device. He pays almost twice as much for the automatic CPAP device. At this point, a payment of 2,099.52 TL is made.

Of course, not every product costs that much. There are also products that are priced higher than this. In this case, if you buy a product lower than this price, the product is fully covered by SSI. If you buy a device higher than this price, then you have to pay the difference yourself.

SSI Contracted Medical
CPAP device SGK payment 2022 users, after learning the price, of course, researched the subject of SGK contracted medical professionals. Akyol Medikal is one of the medical shops serving in Ankara and having an SGK agreement. Our company meets all your medical product needs. With the SGK agreement, it also prevents you from having financial problems. Our company is always working to give you the best service and product at the most affordable price.