Pneumatic Stone Crusher Machine

With the pneumatic stone crushing machine, it offers the painless and painless process of breaking kidney stones with ultrasonic methods in a short time. The kidney stone procedure, which takes place in approximately 45 minutes, is presented by determining the session intervals according to the size of the stone. Generally, the stone breaking process is completed in two sessions and the treatment process is terminated. Pneumatic kidney stone crushing device is the most preferred device that can be integrated with technology. Thanks to its waterproof structure, it can be used easily in any area, and the device, which is offered with additional accessories, does not have any activities that are harmful to health.

The device continues to operate by having the means of transmitting ballistic waves via a pressurized air route. The stone formed at each level can be easily crumbled with the help of the device. No additional material is needed. It is important that the endoscopic systems used with the device are in a structure that will not harm them. The most important source of preference for the device is the successful performance of all surgeries performed so far and the patient's ability to adapt to daily life by completing the treatment process in a short time. The important thing is that the electric shock presented during the use of the device can be directed with the foot pedal.

The pneumatic stone crusher feature can be used easily even in wet environments. Adjustment can be made according to the degree of hardness of the stone. The number of strokes can also be adjusted by examining the manual area on the device. The important thing here is not to experience pressure loss in strokes. The process should be presented by the physician in a controlled manner. It has a portable structure that can be easily transported. The number of strokes on the panel can be examined with the digital display area. The counter can be reset at any time, thanks to a special button. With the difference of Akyol, you can choose the device that has been chemically sterilized, can be used effectively and can be purchased with many side accessories. In order to benefit from the pneumatic stone crushing machine service we offer in the Ankara region, you can contact us via the WhatsApp communication line.