ESWT Erection and Physical Therapy Device

Erection treatment, which is a sexual problem seen in men, can be provided with the ESWT erection and physical therapy device, which offers shock wave therapy technique. While the application is being presented, it creates a pressure field that comes into contact with electromagnetic waves from outside the body. The stroke rate and second are clearly determined on the device. Different systematic wave generation feature is also offered in the device. This process, which is applied with the pressure created by the shock waves, also provides regional focusing.

This treatment method, which has been applied in the aesthetic field especially since the early 2000s, eliminates the problem of hardening thanks to shock waves. Shock waves cause the atherosclerotic plaques in the artery to be broken and removed from the area, which is called narrowing and usually causes the blockage of this area. Atherosclerotic plaques cause erectile dysfunction in the penis area. Thanks to this device, this plaque, which also causes the problem of hardening, is broken and becomes treatable. Medically narrowed vascular tissue is opened and new vessels can be formed thanks to sound waves.

This device, which is classically used for kidney stone pain and disintegration of its formation, also offers a solution to the erection problem. It also relieves pain and deformity in the penis. It can also be used in the treatment process of chronic prostate. For the ESWT erection and physical therapy device that can be purchased through Akyol medical company, you can contact us via the communication line from Ankara region.