The medical neck collar is one of the most widely used medical equipment. In general, although it is very common in individuals who are injured in an automobile accident, its usage areas can be quite high. This medical material, which is included as a medical neck collar, can be very important in emergencies.
What is a Medical Collar?
The Medical Collar can be said to be an equipment that serves the same purpose as the corset. Due to the different reasons for use, there can be quite different models. These medical materials, which are manufactured from various materials in order to rest the neck in any neck discomfort, are generally included in first aid supplies. It can be preferred not only in first aid, but also in much more severe cases.
Why is a Medical Collar Attached?
The reasons for wearing medical collars can be seen as changing elements depending on the accidents. It can be important in terms of health due to the presence of neck, vertebrae and nerves coming out of this part of people. Due to the importance of the human neck, first aid is carried out directly with the use of medical neck collars in emergencies. If we look at the reasons for wearing medical collars;
• To ensure the protection of the neck area in case of any impact or injury.
• To use as equipment for the treatment of diseases such as neck hernia or flattening
• Minimizing the damages taken from the neck part
• To use as a precaution in the treatment of diseases caused by the neck.
• To prevent pain in the shoulder, head or trapezius areas that remain in the neck.
• To provide protection for suspected traumas in case of accident.
In general, medical lanyards are made of sponge and have a light structure. These medical equipments are among the most important tasks. The reasons for wearing medical collars can also be listed in relation to the events mentioned above. Apart from this, medical collars can also be used in order to overcome the pain or injuries felt in the neck of the individuals.
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