Neck collars, also known as neck corsets, are one of the types of corsets that are attached to the neck of the patients. Medical collars can generally be preferred for the purpose of resting patients in cases such as simple neck pain. In this sense, lanyards are produced from sponge-like materials. On the other hand, some collars are made of a much harder material and rest on the back or nape of the neck. It is taken into the chin based on the chest part in the front part. In these cases, the neck of the patients is restricted.
Collars, which are located in this way, are generally one of the frequently preferred medical materials after surgical operations. Their use can be made compulsory within the periods recommended by the doctors.
It is observed that the use of lanyards for more than 3 months causes damage to the body balance systems of the patients. Driving and similar activities should be avoided while wearing lanyards.
Why is a Medical Collar Used?
Medical collars can be used to limit the movements of the patients during any movement of the patient. Nerves coming out of the spinal cord contain body structures such as arteries in the neck region. Since human necks are very important, they must be well protected against various undesirable situations. Any blow or injury can cause significant effects on human life. The use of medical collars in cases of various neck diseases also has very important effects on neck treatments.
How Long Should the Medical Collar Be Used?
How long the medical neck collars should be used is among the questions that many people wonder. This situation may vary depending on the blows to the neck. In mild cases, 3 to 4 days of neck wear may be required in general, while longer-term use may be required for more serious cases. You can consult orthopedic doctors before using neck collar-style equipment. Although it is used for therapeutic purposes, we can underline that there is a possibility of damaging the neck part in long-term use.
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