Holmium Yag Laser is a laser technology using the holmium element. This laser uses a beam produced by a solid state holmium crystal. Holmium Yag Laser has a wavelength of 2.1 micrometers and is used effectively in medical treatments, especially since it has the ability to be absorbed by water.

Holmium Yag Laser is a laser system that can direct the laser beam to the targeted tissue. The laser beam penetrates into the tissue and creates a thermal effect in the targeted area. This thermal effect can be used in a variety of medical procedures such as cutting, removing or coagulating tissue. Therefore, Holmium Yag Laser is used in many different medical branches.

Application Areas of Holmium Yag Laser

Holmium Yag Laser is a versatile technology used successfully in a variety of medical treatments. Here are some main application areas of Holmium Yag Laser:

Holmium Yag Laser in Urology

Holmium Yag Laser is a technology frequently used in the treatment of urological diseases. In particular, it is used as an effective method for breaking and removing kidney stones. Since Holmium Yag Laser has a high energy density, it can break up kidney stones and then ensure that these pieces are removed from the body through urine. This method is a minimally invasive procedure and provides a faster recovery process for patients.

Holmium Yag Laser in Dermatology

Holmium Yag Laser is a technology widely used in dermatology. It is considered an effective method in the treatment of skin lesions. It is especially used in applications such as removal of subcutaneous tumors, skin renewal procedures and treatment of capillaries. Holmium Yag Laser can target the lower layers of the skin without damaging the upper layer and offers effective results in the treatment of unwanted lesions.

Holmium Yag Laser in Ophthalmology

Holmium Yag Laser is a technology also used in the treatment of eye diseases. It is especially effective in treating intraocular stains and congestion. Holmium Yag Laser can open these blockages with its rays directed into the eye and help reduce intraocular pressure. In this way, eye health is protected and vision is improved.

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Holmium Yag Laser is an important technology used in medical treatments. In this article, we discussed the working principles of the Holmium Yag Laser, its application areas and information about choosing the right laser machine. We also emphasized the importance of a reliable provider like Akyol Medikal. Holmium Yag Laser technology is an option that offers effective results in medical treatments and can improve the health of patients when used correctly.