Holep laser is a method used in the treatment of prostate enlargement. This method aims to treat excess tissue pieces within the prostate by vaporizing them with laser energy. Holep laser treatment is a minimally invasive method and an effective option to relieve symptoms caused by prostate enlargement and improve urine flow.

Holep laser treatment has many advantages. One of these advantages is the minimal risk of bleeding and complications. Less bleeding compared to traditional surgical methods accelerates the recovery process after treatment and allows patients to return to their normal lives in a shorter time. Additionally, Holep laser treatment significantly reduces symptoms due to prostate enlargement and improves urine flow.

Procedure and Technology of Holep Laser Treatment

Holep laser treatment is performed using a special laser device. The treatment is usually performed under general anesthesia and is used as the primary treatment option. Holep laser treatment is performed by inserting a laser fiber into the prostate. This laser fiber vaporizes prostate tissue with laser energy and eliminates excess tissue pieces.

Holep laser treatment uses a special technology that provides high precision and control. Laser energy focuses on the prostate tissue, affecting only the targeted areas. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and ensures minimal damage to surrounding tissues. Holep laser treatment is an effective, safe and innovative method to relieve symptoms due to prostate enlargement.

Akyol Medikal's Holep Laser Service

Akyol Medikal offers Holep Laser service with its expert staff and modern medical equipment. By supplying Holep Laser devices to healthcare institutions and hospitals in Ankara, it contributes to the spread of this modern surgical method.


Prostate enlargement is a common condition that can negatively impact men's quality of life. However, a modern surgical method such as Holep Laser (Holmium Laser Enucleation Prostate) offers an effective solution to this problem.

Holep Laser is a technique used in the treatment of urinary difficulties caused by prostate enlargement. Thanks to the controlled use of the Holmium laser, it is aimed to correct the urine flow by precisely removing the prostate tissue. This method has important advantages such as minimal bleeding risk and rapid healing process.

Holep Laser, which is less invasive than traditional methods, allows patients to regain their health in a shorter time and also offers an effective solution to urinary difficulties. This modern surgical approach appears as a significant advance in the treatment of disorders caused by prostate enlargement.

As a result, Holep Laser offers a modern and effective treatment option for patients experiencing urinary difficulties due to prostate enlargement. Thanks to its minimally invasive structure and rapid recovery process, Holep Laser represents a modern approach to prostate treatment and positively affects the quality of life of patients.