Flexible Urss

Flexible Urs offers superior performance than standard stone crushing devices. It is the process of laser breaking the stone in the urinary canal or under the kidney with Flexible Urs. The main thing here is not to cut any part of the body, and this prevents the risk of bleeding that may occur. After the surgery performed in a short time, the person can return to his old life. Anesthesia is applied in the operation, which takes about one and a half hours. After all procedures are performed, pain is felt at the kidney stone site for a certain period of time. In order to prevent this pain, the produced stent is placed.

The main thing in the device used is to benefit from a bendable system. This helps to easily reach the problem area without disturbing the general structure of the body. Your health is safe with the Flexible Urs device. All the pieces broken in the body are broken down until they become sand and thrown out. It is a frequently evaluated method that has been used for years. The size of the stone also changes the duration of the surgery and the probability of the stone falling. You can interact with our company, which provides service in the Ankara region, in a short time.

In this surgical procedure, it is possible to reach the kidney area without removing any holes or sacs. The stone in the area is broken or taken back by laser. The Flexible Urs device has a very thin and agile structure. It can access all regions above the kidney area. In cases with more than one kidney disease, it becomes possible to remove all stones during one-time surgery. You can contact Akyol medical company to gain access to this highly functional and frequently used device in medicine. You will be contacted in a short time and you will be given clear information on the purchase or rental of the device.