Rigid Urs

Rigid urs especially supports the removal of stones in the kidney area by endoscopic methods. Laser or Pneumatic method is used and the stones in the area are broken in a short time without any problems, cleaned and thrown out. Another name for rigid urs is ureteroscopy. It offers a closed method treatment technique with the help of a cylindrical tube located in the kidney and urinary bladder. Those who want to benefit from kidney stone removal treatment are entered through the urinary hole and closed operation is provided. No incisions or open wounds are created in any part of the patient. The operation takes about 20 minutes. The problem is resolved in a short time and the person is discharged.

The rigid urs endoscopy device consists of typical x-rays used in the oldest way, where the goal is to apply the procedure to any part of the body without leaving a surgical wound or a pouch. Guaranteed Rigid Urs can be purchased from the Ankara region. Your purchased medical device can be repaired and spare parts can be provided when requested after the procedure.

It breaks the stuck stones in the middle and lower parts of the kidney canal or the bladder to break them up. They ensure that the kidney stone, which causes severe pain and cramping, which makes daily activities of poor quality over time and endanger the health of the individual, is removed from the body more easily than its size and hardness. By contacting Akyol medical company, you can purchase the medical medical product you request.