One of the most needed products in hospitals, especially in operating rooms, is a surgical gown. There is a need for aprons both in private hospitals, in examinations and in public hospitals. Our company Akyol Medikal offers you the necessary service at this point. It provides you with product groups suitable for all your apron needs.
Disposable Surgical Gown
The most researched type of surgical gown is, of course, disposable gowns. At this point, Akyol Medikal, serving in Ankara Sıhhiye, offers you all kinds of disposable products. It offers you different options for the gowns you will use in the surgical field. It serves with a large stock to provide you with the most suitable product for your budget and needs. It is important for our company to reach your needs quickly. For this reason;
• Our company sells both retail and wholesale.
• It provides support to correctly determine the product you need.
• Offers different disposable products. It makes it easy for you to find the right product for your purpose.
• It always provides service with reasonable prices. It offers a serious price advantage compared to its competitors.
Our company pays attention to all these issues and ensures that you receive the best service, quickly and at an affordable price.

Fabric Surgical Gown
Surgical gowns can be used in many different areas. Of course, this makes different aprons a necessity. Our company does not only offer disposable products. In addition, it offers you the option of fabric surgical gowns. These types of fabric are also known as washable multi-use aprons in the industry. Our company offers you a wide range of products in this field. Aprons made of different thicknesses of fabric are offered to you. In this way, it is aimed to meet your needs in the most correct way.
Our company is one of the most established companies in this field. At this point, it offers its products to you by using its experience and comments from you. Of course, this also takes into account your budget. Our company provides you with the best possible prices, especially for your bulk purchases. Our company is committed to providing you with the best products at the most affordable price. It meets all your needs quickly and accurately.