The patient bed is among the medical products that are frequently used not only in the hospital but also at home. In general, our aim in the purchase of patient cots is to provide support for patients to get a much more comfortable sleep and recover much faster. On the other hand, the patient bed is to help the patients who need to lie down all the time to lie down much more comfortably. In order not to cause permanent damage to the spinal cord, you can also benefit from the rental of a patient bed.
Patient Bed Features
The patient bed can offer a much more comfortable life during the disease process that we spend in the bed for a certain period of time. You can get information from our employees about all the issues that need to be considered before choosing the right model. In addition, apart from the prices of the patient cots, it is also important to include the functions that are suitable for your disease.
Patients and caregivers can also be supported by doctors in choosing patient cots that are much more comfortable and facilitating during the illness. Patient cots can be of great importance for the healing process, as they are important for the caregiver to provide a much more comfortable service. It would not be logical for patients who are in bedridden situations and those who do not lose their mobility to use a patient bed with the same feature.
Patient Bed Prices
Prices of patient cots may vary according to model, brand and features. However, if we give an average price, we can say that there are patient bed prices with a price between 7 thousand TL and 15 thousand TL. These prices may increase or decrease depending on the number of motors in the bed, the use of materials and many different factors. However, domestically produced patient beds may be more suitable than beds from abroad. Although beds are generally larger in institutions, they can be difficult to install in homes. However, you can help your patient to have a much more comfortable recovery process by purchasing bed products suitable for home type, and you can benefit from patient bed rental services according to your needs.
If you are looking for a patient bed rental service, you can choose our Akyol Medikal stores, which provide services in this sense in the Ankara region.