Hysteroscopy Optics

Hysteroscopy optics is a specially produced optical device that allows to enter the cervix. In the procedure applied, the entrance part of the tubes, the inner part of the cervix and the inside of the vagina are monitored and professionally intervened. Thanks to hysteroscopy, a diagnosis can be made for the problematic area and the surgical process is better shaped after this diagnosis.

It is known as a safe method, but it should be presented by professionals considering that different complications may develop. You can get reliable medical device support in and around Ankara.

Considering the tissue damage after the hysteroscopy procedure, it becomes possible for the person to return to his social life within 3 days. Healing starts from the 5th day, and it may take up to 4 weeks for the healings to be completed clearly.

Diagnostic problems in uterine fibroids, cysts, polyps, septum and adhesions are detected perfectly. After the polyps inside are cleaned, the probability of becoming a mother increases. The problematic area in the cervix can be monitored with a camera with the help of optics called Hysteroscopy. With the difference of Akyol Medikal, you can complete the purchase of a medical device in a short time.