Medical wristbands are among the medical materials that are used in the problems encountered in the hand region. Wristbands can be used to support treatment in various health problems such as tendon injuries, nerve compressions, wrist injuries. In such cases, it is recommended to wear a medical wristband by doctors. Patients can obtain these medical supplies through various companies such as Akyol Medikal. Depending on the purpose of use of the wristband, it can take various names such as splint, orthosis or splint.

How to Wear Medical Wristbands?

The medical wristband has a metal bar in the palm for support. First, the velcro straps can be opened and the metal bar supporting the hand can be placed on your wrist in a way that fits. The bands should be closed without being overtightened. In medical wristbands, the bands on the narrowest wrist are closed first. Except for being close to the elbow as in rest splints, if it is closed over the near parts of the elbows, the wristband can slide down and prevent finger movements.

In case of a problem in the thumb area, thumb spica splints can also be used to support this area. In this type of bracelet clothing, it is necessary to start from the finger part first.

Considerations When Using Medical Wristbands

During the wearing time of the medical wristbands, it is necessary to regularly control the skin in terms of redness or sensitivity. In this way, the symptoms may be due to allergies to the materials produced in the splint part. Another reason is that the splints do not fit properly on the wrist part, so it can be caused by friction or skin damage due to excessive tightening.

Medical wristbands are materials that should not be used during the day. Otherwise, joint stiffness may increase. It should be worn during working or resting times, depending on the purpose of use. At other times, it is necessary to remove the wristband and provide exercises that help to stretch the hand and finger muscles.

If you are faced with a condition such as numbness or redness in the finger after wearing the medical bracelet, its use should be terminated.

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