The medical cane is one of the tools used to provide ease of walking for people with moderate walking difficulties. Types of walking sticks can also vary in response to various walking problems, muscle strength or joint problems.

Types of Medical Canes

Medical canes appear as products whose types vary according to needs. If we look at the types of medical canes;

Standard Walking Stick: It is recommended to use standard walking sticks for people who have various problems such as hearing or vision that affect the balance system. It helps the person to walk with its features of providing more contact with the ground.
Balanced Walking Stick: The balanced walking stick type is frequently recommended for people who are facing health problems such as hip or knee arthritis, where one side or limb cannot bear the necessary load.
Quadrupedal Supported Cane: In cases of severe weight bearing, such as hemiplegia, a four-legged cane type is generally recommended.
In addition to the cane, various tools such as crutches or a patient walker are among the elements that provide support for walking. The preferences of these tools vary according to the coordination, arm strength and balance of the people. People who need support from both arms to carry weight and balance properly may need a walker or crutches, while people who will use one arm can use a cane. Apart from this, the amount of load that these medical instruments must carry is also an important factor.

How to Use a Medical Cane?

Medical canes are among the products that are generally used by many people without consulting a physiotherapist or doctor. With the actions taken in this way, people can cause wrong cane choices.

The walking sticks are generally held against the affected side, and they perform movement activities simultaneously with the affected side while walking. For example, if there is a problem in the left leg, the cane should be held with the right hand. In this way, weight transfers will improve and the patient will be able to recover much more easily.

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