Medical tapes can be defined as protective band-aids covered with a fabric or plastic film that is covered with a medicated tape. These medical tapes help in the healing process for various problems such as any injury, sprain, sprain or muscle pain. The area where the tapes are being used can also provide protection against bacteria, dirt or all other external factors.
These medical tapes have been widely used recently. The rapid development of the medical field in recent years may cause the use of medical tapes to be in an ever-expanding structure. It has enabled it to be used not only in health institutions, but also in many sectors such as sports with the development of technology.
What are the Benefits of Medical Tape?
Medical tapes can be used in areas such as first aid and can be highly preferred, especially with their adhesive and pressure sensitive properties. Tapes contain hypoallergenic adhesives by structure. In this way, it is offered for use in accordance with all skin types. The bands, which are easily removed without harming the skin, are made of cotton and are easily breathable. The reason why it is generally produced in white color is that various porous materials such as 3M and zinc acid, which are used to prevent infection, are preferred.
Some medical tapes on the market, on the other hand, have a much harder structure that leaves a residue. Since it is much more comfortable, various sports products can also be covered with these tapes. For this reason, their use in the sports sector has been quite common.
Medical Tape Types and Features
There are many types of medical tapes, such as waterproof, easily tearable, breathable or tear-resistant. When we look at the medical tape properties in general;
• It helps to keep the wound fixed.
• Separate packaging is provided in a roll structure.
• It has skin, transparent or white colors.
• It is available in two different types with its water-absorbing and impermeable properties.
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