Although corsets come to mind as products that are generally used for the purpose of looking thin, there are many different types of corsets that are frequently used in the field of health, both for medical and aesthetic purposes. Corsets can be seen as equipment that shapes the body by wrapping it from the outside. Apart from making the waist look much thinner and weaker, it is used in the treatment of problems such as herniated disc by keeping the waist in a smoother form.
What Does a Medical Corset Do?
In general, corsets are included as products that vary according to their intended use. However, its general purpose is to tightly wrap the lumbar region to make the waist appear thinner and to provide various functions such as supporting various problems such as herniated disc herniation after surgical operations and helping recovery.
Benefits of Using Medical Corset
If we look at the benefits of the use of medical corsets;
• Corsets help the waist appear much thinner.
• It prevents sagging and loosening in the body.
• Provides indirect support for weight loss. Although it does not have a direct debilitating effect, it gives a feeling of satiety because it puts pressure on the stomach.
• The corset, which helps the body to stand in a much more upright position and to have more correct postures, also prevents problems such as hunchback if it is used in accordance with the doctor's advice.
• It affects the body and gives a more aesthetic appearance.
• Regular use of corsets can also help reduce low back pain.
• Helps improve back support and posture.
Things to Consider in Medical Corset Selection
Medical corsets are generally preferred for aesthetic appearance and are one of the products that should be chosen carefully. Especially in the medical fields, it should be used with the advice of a doctor. The corsets given to you by the doctor should be used regularly in accordance with certain instructions.
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