Medical air mattresses are in two parts as motorized and air operated. Together with the motor, the pressure levels of the patients can be adjusted according to their weight or wound status, and it has emerged as products that aim to reduce the risk of scar formation. Air patient beds are special beds that have the features to apply different pressure intensities within the body of the patients. In this way, the formation of wounds can be prevented by providing blood circulation in the regions of the patients' body. Air mattresses can also be very easy to transport.
What are the Medical Air Mattress Types?
Medical air mattresses can be found in three different models in total. These models are available as diamond type, tube type and positioning air bearings. If we examine the varieties in detail;
Diamond Type Air Mattress
As the name suggests, baklava type air mattresses, which consist of lozenge-type air ducts, are the type of mattress that are sold at much more affordable prices than other mattresses.
Tubular Air Mattress
Pipe type air bearings, which are connected to each other in parallel and contain air channels, can be divided into different models as A+B and A+B+C types. The A+B+C model, which is the most advanced among the models, is known to be effective up to Type 4 wounds. Tubular air bearings with ventilation feature are also available in the market. The problem of sweating is also prevented by giving air in the areas where the patients lie down. Thus, wound formation is prevented.
Positioning Air Mattress
Positioning air bearings are intended to move continuously to the right or to the left. In this way, as a companion of the patients, it helps to change positions without getting tired. In cases where the patient has patient wounds, it is among the observed findings that recovery is seen in a short time for the people who use this type of bed.
The fact that the air motors can operate at a low noise level and that the cells can easily change in case of a problem that may occur in the patient's cells can be of great importance for the comfort and healing process of the patients. Apart from this, it should be noted that the purchased products are fire and water resistant and vapor permeable.
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