Knee joints, which are among the highly mobile joints in our body, can be deformed due to various reasons. In such cases, knee bandages can be used to support and protect the knee joints. Knee bandages, which have many types, are also called knee braces, and they can take place as supporting tools in situations such as tendonitis ligament strains.
What Does a Knee Bandage Do?
In general, knee bandages can be used to provide support or protection to the knees. Apart from this, it can be preferred for the purpose of providing support to the knee in cases such as the rupture of the knee ligament or cruciate ligaments. In addition to providing sufficient stability in the knee, it can also provide a warming effect on the knee by providing support for movement. If we look at the purpose of use of knee bandages;
• After amputation
• In relieving knee pain caused by arthritis,
• Reducing edema or pain in the knee area for compression purposes
• In the lightening of the load rates on the knee
• In the prevention of sports injuries
• In the improvement of accident, surgery or injury processes in the knee joint
• To prevent knee injury and to support the knees
In case of problems that may occur in the knee area, knee bandages should be examined by a specialist and recommended by providing relief. In this way, the patient will support the healing process by using the most suitable medical products.
Who Should Not Use Knee Bandages?
Although knee bandages are among the medical products that can be accessed quite easily and simply, they can have quite different contraindications. For this reason, not all people's knee pad choices may be correct. In various medical conditions, apart from the fact that people may be much more susceptible to the negative effects of wearing a knee bandage, in some cases the effect may not be seen at all. If we look at who should not use the knee bandage according to these situations;
• Those with skin infections,
• Those with severe pain in the leg area,
• Those with bone deformities,
• Those with allergic reactions,
• People with congenital bone disorders,
• Atypical structures in the knee joints,
• Those with open wounds in the knee area
People with such various problems may be inconvenient to use knee bandages. You can also obtain knee bandage products from our Akyol Medikal company, which provides services in the medical field in the Ankara region.