Today, many professional devices used by physicians in every field of medicine are used in service activities by renting rather than being purchased. Especially in rare surgeries, savings are made by using the rental technique. In addition, this provides a more advantageous environment for the physician who will present the application, as the device can benefit from constantly renewed technology thanks to the rental activity. In addition, since it is known that it is regularly maintained and undergoes general repairs at least a few times a year, the rental service is seen as more practical. Especially in Optical Lens treatments used in operating rooms, Urology stone breaking equipment, Rigid-Flexible Urs, Holmium Laser or Working Element can be rented and the affordable shopping process can be offered to all those who request it by the company providing service in the Ankara region.

In the medical field, second-hand device supply service is provided by Akyol medical company, and the repair and repair service is another service offered in this process. After the rental of the product, it is constantly in contact with the customer services for any problem that may occur. Medical machine obstetrics device is among the services offered within the scope of second-hand device supply. With this system, which allows to save time, more profit is obtained and it is economical. Especially spare parts service becomes easier with the second hand rental system.

When buying second-hand medical device rental services, it is necessary to pay attention to the certification processes. If a product you want to buy is brought from abroad, the cost may double with the exchange rate difference or customs taxes. For this reason, device rental service can be considered as a more alternative technique. This is also important for the country. It ensures the continuous operation of the device and its use in the industry. When old devices fail, repairing them can cost high prices. It is becoming more difficult to find parts, especially for old devices. For this reason, it is more comfortable and advantageous to have access to rentable medical devices that are updated every year.