Kidney stone disease, which is frequently encountered in our country, has become a disease that is noticed especially in men. Thanks to the developing technological devices, the stones inside the body are displayed in a short time with fluoroscopic or ultrasonographic devices called x-rays and the focal point is determined without any intervention, and the refraction process is provided by the way of light. Here, especially with the sound wave, the problematic area inside the body can be detected and the breaking process can be provided. In a few sessions, the disease becomes completely purified from the body. The most effective solution to this is the sound waves offered by urological stone breaking equipment. The sound range that can be increased to any stone structure called shock wave supports the stone to break easily. In some cases, the stone can get stuck in the kidney canal. In some cases, it can also block the urinary tract. By using laser treatment or a phenomatic stone breaking device, the stone in that area is turned into powder and excreted from the body through the urine.
The laser lithotripsy treatment process consists of following the stone using an endoscope and breaking it up with a laser. It is a process that lasts between 30 minutes and 45 minutes, and after completing this process, the person can easily return to his daily life. ESWL stone crushing equipment is the technical equipment used for the effective treatment of stones formed in the area called the urinary system.

This device offers electromagnetic and electro-hydraulic shock waves inside. The energy released is directed to the problematic area in the body, allowing the stone to be made into flour.
Ultrasonic stone breaking equipment offered by Akyol medical company is applied to the problem area reliably and the patient is healed in a short time. The procedures applied with the laser treatment technique are applied to the area painlessly in the process. The increase in the availability of technological products has made this process even more convenient. Offered through our company; There are urological stone crushing equipment, ultrasonic stone crushing machine, pneumatic stone crushing machines. You can supply urological stone crushing equipment by contacting our company from Ankara region.