Holep is a surgical method used to treat prostate enlargement. The term "Holep" is also known as Holmium Laser Enucleation and aims to remove the enlarged part of the prostate with laser energy. This procedure improves urine flow by removing blockage inside the prostate, thus relieving prostate symptoms.

Holep has become a popular option among men experiencing prostate problems in recent years. Many patients prefer Holep due to its effectiveness and low complication rates.

Understanding the Benefits of Holep Surgery

Holep surgery is an effective method to relieve symptoms caused by prostate enlargement. This surgical procedure removes blockage inside the prostate by vaporizing or breaking down prostate tissue with laser energy. This method improves urine flow and reduces urination problems. Holep surgery can also be applied to other prostate problems, such as prostate cancer.

Holep surgery has many advantages. First, this method is minimally invasive, meaning it does not require any major incisions or stitches. Instead, laser energy effectively removes prostate tissue and speeds up the healing process. Secondly, Holep surgery is more effective than other surgical methods because it removes the entire growing part of the prostate. This helps relieve symptoms for a longer period of time.

Akyol Medical - Holep

Akyol Medikal is a healthcare institution in Ankara that supplies Holmium laser devices and other medical products used in the field of urology. Holmium laser device is used in applications such as prostate surgery and breaking up stones in the urinary system. This device is a surgical technique used especially in prostate enlargement surgeries and has a high-quality, advanced design that complies with today's standards. Akyol Medikal offers sales or rental services of Holmium laser devices. Features of this device include adjustable laser pulse duration and is a leading device in its field with its powerful technology that will ensure comfort and rapid recovery while performing surgery.


Holep is now considered an effective surgical method in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement. This minimally invasive approach, performed with the controlled use of the holmium laser, provides effective removal of prostate tissue, shortening the recovery period for patients and presenting a minimal risk of bleeding. Therefore, HoLEP stands out as a modern surgical option that achieves successful results in eliminating urinary difficulties caused by prostate enlargement and positively affects the quality of life of patients.